Tips and Tricks for Writing Sessions

Collaboration is one of the best ways to get you as an artist in front of a new audience, or to expand your existing fanbase. It also allows you to grow as an artist, build connections, and experiment with a different style of creativity.

A great way to collaborate is to set up a writing session with fellow artists. In order to have the best experience during your session, we have come up with tips which can help make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and you come out of the session with a great song.

  • Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize.

Writing sessions are a great to spend time with both old and new friends, but when it comes down to it, you have a job to do and a banger to write. Once you all commit to begin writing and spinning ideas off of one another, try and make that a priority to do over socializing. Be on time, be focused, kick ass.

  • Distractions out.

Do you ever wonder how we all lived once without cell phones? We do too. Next time while writing, maybe give it a try and put that addictive device down to really be in the present. The world will still be there after you’re done with work. Your colleagues need you more in the moment to write the song than your friends do to decide where you’re getting overpriced drinks later.

  • Record the entirety of the session.

Some of the best ideas or lyrics get tossed around during this time, but they aren’t the best fit for the track you’re currently making. In order to not forget these ideas, record your entire session. Not only is it fun to look back on, but you can get some great ideas later on from it, too.

  • Hear everyone out. Be open.

The essence of collaboration is to combine and utilize each others creativity. Set up an open, inclusive environment where everyone has a chance to speak. Notice someone hasn’t spoken in a while? Facilitate them to jump into the conversation, or ask them what they think. They may surprise you. You never know, Susie sitting in the corner may have the next #1 hit.  Multiple minds are better than one.

  • Don’t be inspired by others work.

When seeking for inspiration, be sure it is coming from the artists in the room, and not outside artists who have already released their song. There is a fine line between inspiration and infringement. To be inspired, talk to one another, spin some ideas, jam for some time, and if you need to, take a break.

  • Come to the session with ideas.

In order to be the most productive, no one should come to the session empty handed. Come with ideas, good or bad they may end up being, you would like the group to try out. This will help you get started and will get your creative vibes going.

  • Save your work with MySoundsafe

The great thing about MySoundsafe’s coming technology is that you can specify who you collaborated on the track with during the writing session. When each new version is uploaded in our system, it will show exactly what time it was entered the system and who worked on the track, thus protecting your music. Don’t let your collaboration efforts go to waste, save with MySoundsafe and get the credit you rightfully deserve.

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